Hella tagged me so I have to list 6 quirky things about myself...
  1. I alphabetize all of my DVDs and CDs but not my books unless they are Dean Koontz because I have a lot of those. Instead the books are arranged by size.
  2. I try to remain naked for as long as possible in the morning whilst prepping myself for the day. I think this dates back to when I was a wee baby and wore little more than a diaper most of the time. And I totally get into my jammies the second I walk into my house after work.
  3. I am ridiculous when it comes to order in the home and at the office. Like, if we're sitting there on a Sunday morning I will sort of not be able to rest if things aren't in their place. OCD much?
  4. When I move I like to unpack everything immediately. Right now it's sort of killing me softly that there are pictures leaning against the wall rather than hung. Ha. That's what she said.
  5. For some reason, every so often I sing the words "Doo doo dooooooo" out of no where. I think it must clear my thoughts but it's really pretty random.
  6. I collect miniature souvenirs from places I have never been (like this but metal mostly) because I like it when my friends bring me things from their vacations. BFF and Babe have really supplied the majority of these because they love traveling.

I'm sposeda tag people but instead how about you leave me your 6 quirky things in my comment box so I can learn a little about my lurkers and my regulars. And? I'm a comment whore.


Coodence said...

1. I often confuse the word umbrella with elevator. So I'll tell Babe to not forget his elevator.

2. I hate the sound of people clipping their nails.

3. I have a strange relationship with words. I think they're important - so do a lot of people - but there are words that I really hate and when they are used my whole mood turns sour. "Meh" is a classic, "greedy" is another. I love the word Dude. Just hearing it used makes me so happy.

4. I read a lot of books but can never remember the titles of them.

5. I love doing laundry and folding the clothes.

6. My nickname is Cod. That's a fish.

Nancy said...

1. I love pickles.
2. I too must take work clothes off IMMEDIATELY when entering home, it changes my aura.
3. I live by expiration dates.
4. I hate mice and yet have seen 3 in various places over the past 7 days and fully think it is a sign from Godman.
5. I secretly hate and am secretly jealous of the stay at home wives who live in the area where I work.
6. Sometimes I wish I was still in college.

Andrea said...

1. I cannot stand for my photographs to be out of chronological order. This impacts how I do my scrapbooking. This impacts how I store photos I'm not going to use. This impacts me in how I cannot leave the parking lot of the store in which I just picked up my developed prints before I have the envelope in order. This even impacts how I upload to Flickr. Things happen in chronological order!!!!!

2. I am without pants as much as possible.

3. I have to say to myself "I've unplugged my curling brush" as I unplug my curling brush or else I will get to the door of my apartment and have to go check to see if I unplugged my curling brush or not.

4. I talk to my dogs a lot. And not just about dog stuff. I carry on conversations with them. And sometimes the look they get on their faces....I expect them to respond. I know...

5. I, too, break out into song for no reason. This happens while talking to the dogs, or myself, a lot. I can't just say to the dogs that I'm going to cook corndogs for dinner. It becomes a Broadway event. Sometimes? I even dance.

6. I'm afraid of fancy restaurants. I don't know half of what they're talking about on the menu and I've not tried the other half. So, I avoid them whenever possible.

Ta da!

Lisa..... said...

I hold my breath at the movies during that moment between previews and the film starting. That really quiet part that lasts like 30 seconds. I call it movie theater silence.

I CANNOT stand open cupboard, drawers, etc.

I just started eating coconut in stuff at the age of thirty. Before I compared it fingernails in my food.

I don't like my different foods to touch on my plate.

I am addicted to Starbucks. I spend at least $95 a month on it.

I have a freakishly good sense of smell. Really. I can smell you over here.

Buzz said...

1. I hang my arm out the window of the hoe as long as it's not too hot or raining. Often times leading to a mis-match sunburned arm vs. white arm situation.

2. I really do like the new cat, dispite what my fiance thinks. She hung out with me this AM while, ran her motor the whole time. We're pals.

3. Sometimes I suck burps back in just to make them louder.

4. If I'm wearing a hat I'll push it up and back when I'm about to make a point. I blame Big A.

5. Everytime I'm southbound through Camp Pendleton I frown. Everytime I'm northbound though, I smile.

6. I hurry up and say "sorry big guy" to myself every time I say G-Damn (sorry big guy)

Sheen V said...

1. I'm 41 and I still like to watch Speed Racer cartoons.

2. I take pictures of odd things - like my car's speedometer at 99,999 miles, 100,000 miles, and 100,001 miles, which I need to post in my blog.

3. I've only worn khaki or black pants to work (except jeans on Friday) for almost 10 years. I wonder if anyone has noticed.

4. I have a hard time drinking my favorite beer if there's only a couple bottles left in the fridge because I don't want to run out.

5. When I visit blogs and read comments, I'll click on some of the other commenters too see if they're hot.

6. I have rules for a lot of insignificant stuff, like how my closet is organized.