For some reason that number keeps popping up in my life:
  • Parents were married July 7 (7/7)
  • I was born in '77
  • My birthday is 5/12 and 12 minus 5 is 7
  • Grandpa always wears a gold 7 on a chain around his neck
  • My engagement ring is a size 7
  • I got "the cat" from a lady whose email was mdrandall007 which is all together uncanny because BFF calls my fiance "Doctor" (that would be the md in case some of you aren't as quick on the uptake), my nicknack is Randall and there's that 7 again...
  • We plan on getting married at 7pm
  • Last night I did 7 loads of laundry.

Seven loads of laundry you say! I couldn't believe it either. I guess Buzz and I are a couple of dirty people who go through clothes like most people go through ... underwear? That doesn't make sense. Anyway, had I done laundry at my ma's house those seven loads could have easily taken me no less than seven hours to complete. However, through the magic of the laundromat I was able to do all seven loads at once and knocked that shit out in an hour. Un.Be.Leave.Able. Mind you, at $1.50 a load to wash and a dollar a load to dry, that little laundromat expedition put me back about $17.50. Holy moses. At my ma's house? Free. Looks like we need to hook up our washer and dryer ASAP.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Haste makes waste (or in layman's terms - I may have saved time but it cost me a shitload of coin.)


Buzz said...

I think it's neat. The 7's.

For me it's 5's and 3's.

Like, my birthday? 10/05

Our engagement? 05/10


Coodence said...

Time is money, baby. You earned it!

Lisa..... said...

seven...makes me think of that movie with Brad Pitt. Scratch that, it may just be my shitty mood.
I do 2-3 loads a day just to keep up with this household. I highly recommend buying a front loading, water saving washer. Saves $$

Sheen V said...

7 loads of laundry - you need 7 beers now! And we also just bought a front-loading washer - good investment.

Sassy One said...

7 inches??