Recess At Work Day

According to my calendar, today is the day we break for recess. Does anyone want to join me for some hopscotch or dodge ball? I'll meet you on the blacktop. Honestly? I could use a break. This morning on the way into work I rear ended someone. Mind you, I was just rear ended not that long ago so I guess karma works both ways? Luckily the chick was super nice and there wasn't too much damage because we were stopped at a light. Yeah. I did one of those. I saw the other cars moving in my peripheral vision and then went right ahead and stepped on the gas even though the driver of the car ahead of me hadn't even taken their foot off the break yet. Awesome.
In other news we decided to name the cat Skitz. I know a lot of people take offense when one uses a medical disorder as a joke but this cat is seriously all over the charts. One minute she's cuddling, the next minute she's in attack mode. She wants to bolt out the door but if I hold the door open for her to explore she won't leave the house. Every sound sets her off. Every quick movement. I know I need to be medicated to maintain my mood swings so I feel I have the right to make fun. So there.
Oh yeah... I'm looking and hardly any of you guys are giving money to the boobs. Come on now. You don't have five extra dollars? Help BFF out. Boobies across America thank you.


Lisa..... said...

We call our dog Ceasar, seizure. Because he has them. Don't even get me started on the shit we say about the KIDS WITH CANCER. We're going to hell.

on the boob money, I'll see if I can. We're actually raising money for a co-worker who is in the hospital...

Sassy One said...

I think Skitz is an awesome name!

We had a horse named Tard tho..so I can't judge.