Moving Time!

I know I have complained here time and time again about the general upheaval that occurs at my current apartment complex so there's really no need to reiterate. Last weekend was much of the same. Some cholo allegedly got punched in the face outside my door and the ensuing activities sounded like a herd of elephants stampeding across the second story balcony. Then he came back threatening to rally up the troops and kick everyone's ass only to burst into tears about what a hard day he was having. That's one tough dude right there.
The police came shortly thereafter. I figured they'd know where the trouble was coming from as the shattered front window of the apartment next door is being held together by long strips of duct tape but it doesn't seem they even came upstairs. Why? Because there was a different domestic dispute going on in the parking lot next to our building. Awesome.
Last night while I was loading up Vehicular with the first load to move over to our new condo by the beach, the people who take care of my apartment complex expressed how sad they were that I would be out by Sunday. I will be sad to say goodbye to them and my actual apartment but the surrounding shenanigans will not be missed. The new place? Half a block from the beach. The streets are so quiet it's almost unnerving. The only sound I heard were the "Beware of" dogs next door and the cooing of some pigeons that seem to have made their home above the window of our master bedroom. Yes. Ours. His and mine.
God that feels awesome to write.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Those who suffer eventually get rewarded.


Nancy said...

When can we see pictures of the phatty pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sassy One said...

Your new place sounds awesome! I want to see pictures!! :)

You have suffered enough...bring on the rewards!!

Lisa..... said...

The beach...oooh, I am jealous.

Andrea said...

I like purple. I'm just sayin'...