Love Thursday

  • I love when my neighbors blare their music.
  • I love asking them to turn it down and having them turn it up.
  • I love fighting with them from the street while they peer down from the balcony and our neighbors and my mother look on in horror.
  • I love having to carry a knife with me "just in case."
  • I love packing boxes and moving them across town.
  • I love when people make me feel bad for making my own decisions.
  • I love guilt trips.
  • I love waking up early in the morning to come to work.
  • I love the high price of gas.
  • I love that my fiance lives in San Diego.
  • I love that I have forty dollars in my bank accounts.

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Sassy One said...

I love that my husband stays up way to late and then doesn't get up for work without biting my head off.

I love that he stays out late with his friends and leaves me here alone.

I love that I go to bed alone every night.

I love that I'm so pissed right now I could kill someone.

Oppositeland welcomes me.

Andrea said...

Hi. I love how loud they are playing the Blood Borne Pathogens training video right next to my office. Nice.

Coodence said...

I love that people can still make me feel bad about myself even though I'm 30 and fucking awesome.

I love that I can't really fit the dress that I want to wear this weekend.

I love work.

I love working all the time but not having any money.

I love crying.


Lisa..... said...

I love work.

I love that my ex doesn't pay child support, have a car but still expects me to provide clothes and food when she is visiting him.

Yea opposite land!

Buzz said...

I too love high gas prices,

that I live in san diego too far from the new home,

that my co-worker lost his career path,


this job,



not said...

HEY! We love some of the same things! Who knew?

But also?

I love that my neighbor carpools to work with someone who picks her up at 5:45 AM and honks the car horn until she comes out of the house.

I love that she is never ready or waiting at the door for him.

I love unexpected home repairs that require contractors.

I love not being able to take a vacation with my kids this year.

I love being cold in June.

I love dieting.

I love my messy house.