Look Away, BFF!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to the very first pet of my own of as an adult. This day has been 12 years in the making. I wish I could tell you her name but right now it's up in the air. Her old name was Ivy and Buzz is set on Zeke. It doesn't really matter what her name is anyway because I have never ever called any of my pets by their Christian names. Right now, I just call her Kitty or Keekers.
Thank goodness for craigslist. I was looking to adopt a young cat rather than a kitten and the shelter fees in Ventura county range anywhere from $95 to $120 dollars. This little girl not only was free to a good home, but she came fully loaded with her own collar, bowls, litter box and carrying crate. Not only that? But she is a great kitty. She's super affectionate and mews when I talk to her. She's got spunk, she does. And no, not that kind of spunk.
Anywho, Buzz and Kiyah are moving on up to Oxnard. Officially all moved in this weekend. I can't wait until our little family is in our new condo. Together. Sigh. Where's my picket fence?

MORAL OF THAT STORY: My allergies will not stop me from loving the hell out of this kitty cat and I have the swollen eye to prove it.


Coodence said...

Congratulations on your new animal.

Thats the sound of the wracking sobs.

Sassy One said...

Awwww so cute!

Have fun playing with your pussy.

Shora said...

Aw! She looks just like my first kitty I got when I was 11... I named him Rover cuz I thought that was soooo funny. My eyes swelled up too but I soon got used to him so hang in there!

Happy housewarming babe. xo

Andrea said...

May I pet your kitty?


Lisa..... said...

Have fun with your cat...My husband is horribly asthmatically (is that a word?) allergic to cats and can't breathe around them.

Hella said...

You are tagged Randi!!

fyrchk said...

My friend Nickelbutt is deathly allergic to cats but has two (maybe three) of them. He swears by the Zyrtec.

hotdrwife said...

A wonderful addition! :)

Anonymous said...
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