Heck Yes

It's been a couple weeks since the last movie even though there are so many things I want to see and we almost didn't make it out to the theater again this weekend. Busy moving and nesting and what not. But when Buzz expressed his disappointment that we hadn't seen Wanted yet, my heart melted a bit and we headed downtown post haste. I have mixed emotions about Angelina Jolie so I was a bit hesitant about this movie but after seeing The Last King of Scotland I sort of fell in love with James McAvoy so I figured I'd tough it out for my man.
First and foremost, I would like to say that the special effects in Wanted are absolutely awesome. The action sequences kick ass. The story... well it's a little bit Fight Club in the sense that we live quite mundane lives until we get a taste of what we're capable of. Either way, this is a solid summer blockbuster. It's fast paced, it's violent and bloody and there's a healthy dose of humor. Well rounded, if you will.
As for Angelina? Well she is one sexy minx. She hardly has any dialogue and for a skinny little thing she sure knows how to handle some firearms and kick some ass. I wanted to be Team Aniston but this movie pushed me over to Team Jolie. Yup. I know.
If nothing else, pay the price of admission to hear Morgan Freeman say "Shoot this mother fucker." It's well worth it.


Trojan said...

I wanted to hate Jolie too but she IS pretty kickass...sigh.

This is on my must see movie list too.

I LOVE Morgan F:)


Lisa..... said...

I guess I have the same reservations as you. I liked Jolie before the whole Brad Pitt thing but now...It's kinda silly because they are not actually people I know.
Maybe I should go see it.

Sassy One said...

I'll pay $8.00 anytime to see Angeline parade around. Anytime.

Coodence said...

How cool is that - there are still places you can go to the movies for $8.00??