Almost Friday

  • Sold my vacuum on craigslist and found a dresser I'll be buying Sunday
  • Yesterday I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle pretty good
  • Shut the cat in the pantry for 6 hours unknowingly
  • Dodgers beat the White Sox 5 to zip last night
  • A foul ball came so close to my dad I nearly peesed myself with joy
  • Got a Dodger blinky cup to replace the broken one from Rainforest Cafe
  • Got to sneak in a midweek visit with Buzz
  • Please donate to BFF's walk.


Andrea said...

Wait...today's not Friday? Shit...e

Andrea said...

not sure why there's an e. I'm not shitting eees.

Not Fainthearted said...

I'm about to take the craigslist plunge this weekend. I've moved a whole bunch of declutter items to the garage and have pictures taken.

Now to make the postings when I'll be available to field all the offers!

this IS going to be easier than a garage sale, right???????