Mission Accomplished

I just wanted to take a second and show off the fancy lamps (yes, there are 2 resting upon our kitchen cabinet nightstands) that now live in our master bedroom. Pier 1? You rock. Not only are your lighting fixtures affordable (Lamps Plus? No.) but they are super sexy, super wow. Goddamn I love me some animal print.


Heck Yes

It's been a couple weeks since the last movie even though there are so many things I want to see and we almost didn't make it out to the theater again this weekend. Busy moving and nesting and what not. But when Buzz expressed his disappointment that we hadn't seen Wanted yet, my heart melted a bit and we headed downtown post haste. I have mixed emotions about Angelina Jolie so I was a bit hesitant about this movie but after seeing The Last King of Scotland I sort of fell in love with James McAvoy so I figured I'd tough it out for my man.
First and foremost, I would like to say that the special effects in Wanted are absolutely awesome. The action sequences kick ass. The story... well it's a little bit Fight Club in the sense that we live quite mundane lives until we get a taste of what we're capable of. Either way, this is a solid summer blockbuster. It's fast paced, it's violent and bloody and there's a healthy dose of humor. Well rounded, if you will.
As for Angelina? Well she is one sexy minx. She hardly has any dialogue and for a skinny little thing she sure knows how to handle some firearms and kick some ass. I wanted to be Team Aniston but this movie pushed me over to Team Jolie. Yup. I know.
If nothing else, pay the price of admission to hear Morgan Freeman say "Shoot this mother fucker." It's well worth it.


No More June Haiku Friday

Half the year is gone
How fast has this one flown by?
So much going on
We're almost settled
The pad is coming along
Back to a routine
Making things happen
A sense of satisfaction
Keep the flow going


Almost Friday

  • Sold my vacuum on craigslist and found a dresser I'll be buying Sunday
  • Yesterday I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle pretty good
  • Shut the cat in the pantry for 6 hours unknowingly
  • Dodgers beat the White Sox 5 to zip last night
  • A foul ball came so close to my dad I nearly peesed myself with joy
  • Got a Dodger blinky cup to replace the broken one from Rainforest Cafe
  • Got to sneak in a midweek visit with Buzz
  • Please donate to BFF's walk.


This Blogger's Craigslist Testimonials

First came the kitty...
Then we lucked out and landed this dining set for $90.
Two more chairs are in our garage.
Flossy Dining Set
Wouldn't you know it? The perfect TV Stand. $85? A steal!
The Maxim TV Stand
Yup. That's right. That's a kitchen cabinet made into a nightstand.
White Trash Nightstands
MORAL OF THAT STORY: 75% of the time, craigslist works every time.


TMI Tuesday

1. Do you believe anyone truly likes their job? If so, why?
I believe people can enjoy their job but if given the option I'm sure most people would either like to not work at all or work on their own terms.
2. Do you 1) live to work or 2) work to live 3) not see a difference?
I work to live but I get a strange satisfaction after a job well done that I can't imagine not having by not working.
3. How many hours do you work a week?
Give or take 40.
4. What was your safety item (i.e. blankie) from when you were little?
My bear that recently fell into a gutter and had to be gutted (ahuuuuhuuuuuuhuuuuuu)
5. Have you ever used food during sex?
Yes and the idea of it is much more interesting than it is in practice.
Bonus (as in optional):What is your guilty food pleasure?
Chips and cookies. Mmm....

Questions are from here.


Saddest Story Ever Told

Yesterday my ma and I went to our hairdresser's baby shower. We walked in and the room looked like it had been coated in Pepto Bismol... a little girl is on her way into the world. So of course we played games. Counted the skittles in the bottle. Tore the outline of a baby out of a piece of paper - behind our backs. That sort of thing. Then, out came the rolls of toilet paper.
Last time I played a game with toilet paper was when we used it to dress Ang in a TP wedding gown at BFF's bridal shower. This game had us pulling off enough toilet paper to wrap around the pregger belly. I tore ten sheets of paper because our hairdresser is a wee little thing. A petite flower. She's about 5'2" and a buck twenty five soaking wet when she isn't with child. But when I held those ten sheets up, it didn't look like much. So what did I do? I wrapped those ten sheets around my own waist.
Perfect fit.
Oh well. I guess I wouldn't be winning that game just like I hadn't won the other two.
Or so I thought.
Turns out, ten sheets was the winning number.
However, I didn't feel like a winner. I just felt like a barren woman who has the same waistline measurements as a woman due to give birth in less than two months.
And so we left the shower. Immediately.
The End


Cohabitation Blues Haiku Friday

Used to miss you when
You and I were long distance
Not too long ago
Now I see your boots
And your "costume" in our yard
Constant reminders
We are miles apart
I anxiously count the hours
'Til you say "I'm HOME!"


Recess At Work Day

According to my calendar, today is the day we break for recess. Does anyone want to join me for some hopscotch or dodge ball? I'll meet you on the blacktop. Honestly? I could use a break. This morning on the way into work I rear ended someone. Mind you, I was just rear ended not that long ago so I guess karma works both ways? Luckily the chick was super nice and there wasn't too much damage because we were stopped at a light. Yeah. I did one of those. I saw the other cars moving in my peripheral vision and then went right ahead and stepped on the gas even though the driver of the car ahead of me hadn't even taken their foot off the break yet. Awesome.
In other news we decided to name the cat Skitz. I know a lot of people take offense when one uses a medical disorder as a joke but this cat is seriously all over the charts. One minute she's cuddling, the next minute she's in attack mode. She wants to bolt out the door but if I hold the door open for her to explore she won't leave the house. Every sound sets her off. Every quick movement. I know I need to be medicated to maintain my mood swings so I feel I have the right to make fun. So there.
Oh yeah... I'm looking and hardly any of you guys are giving money to the boobs. Come on now. You don't have five extra dollars? Help BFF out. Boobies across America thank you.



For some reason that number keeps popping up in my life:
  • Parents were married July 7 (7/7)
  • I was born in '77
  • My birthday is 5/12 and 12 minus 5 is 7
  • Grandpa always wears a gold 7 on a chain around his neck
  • My engagement ring is a size 7
  • I got "the cat" from a lady whose email was mdrandall007 which is all together uncanny because BFF calls my fiance "Doctor" (that would be the md in case some of you aren't as quick on the uptake), my nicknack is Randall and there's that 7 again...
  • We plan on getting married at 7pm
  • Last night I did 7 loads of laundry.

Seven loads of laundry you say! I couldn't believe it either. I guess Buzz and I are a couple of dirty people who go through clothes like most people go through ... underwear? That doesn't make sense. Anyway, had I done laundry at my ma's house those seven loads could have easily taken me no less than seven hours to complete. However, through the magic of the laundromat I was able to do all seven loads at once and knocked that shit out in an hour. Un.Be.Leave.Able. Mind you, at $1.50 a load to wash and a dollar a load to dry, that little laundromat expedition put me back about $17.50. Holy moses. At my ma's house? Free. Looks like we need to hook up our washer and dryer ASAP.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Haste makes waste (or in layman's terms - I may have saved time but it cost me a shitload of coin.)


Tuesday Snippets

  • I forgot to put my engagement ring back on this morning after lubing up and now I'm sad and naked.
  • We have the biggest TV ever in our living room - 50" Plasma. WTF? It's like being at the movies in the comfort of my La-Z-Boy.
  • I'm now the proud owner of the first two seasons of The Muppet Show. I can't explain the joy that brings me.
  • My nephew broke his nose. Pictures are on Flickr.
  • I'm pretty much covered in bruises and scratches from head to toe thanks to the move and the cat that seems to think attacking me is a game we play.
  • Buzz is back in San Diego and it sucks. He took Kiyah with him in the wee dark hours of the morning. Easing into cohabitation.
  • Give BFF money to save the boobs.


Give BFF Your $$$ For Boobs

I don't ask for much but I really would love it if you could donate to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer via BFF's page.


You Don't Mess With The Haiku Friday

Typical Sandler
The first third? Hilarious
Then mediocre
Repetitive jokes
Sex, hairdressing and violence
A bit juvenile
I'll admit I laughed
Been a fan of Adam since
Saturday Night Live



Hella tagged me so I have to list 6 quirky things about myself...
  1. I alphabetize all of my DVDs and CDs but not my books unless they are Dean Koontz because I have a lot of those. Instead the books are arranged by size.
  2. I try to remain naked for as long as possible in the morning whilst prepping myself for the day. I think this dates back to when I was a wee baby and wore little more than a diaper most of the time. And I totally get into my jammies the second I walk into my house after work.
  3. I am ridiculous when it comes to order in the home and at the office. Like, if we're sitting there on a Sunday morning I will sort of not be able to rest if things aren't in their place. OCD much?
  4. When I move I like to unpack everything immediately. Right now it's sort of killing me softly that there are pictures leaning against the wall rather than hung. Ha. That's what she said.
  5. For some reason, every so often I sing the words "Doo doo dooooooo" out of no where. I think it must clear my thoughts but it's really pretty random.
  6. I collect miniature souvenirs from places I have never been (like this but metal mostly) because I like it when my friends bring me things from their vacations. BFF and Babe have really supplied the majority of these because they love traveling.

I'm sposeda tag people but instead how about you leave me your 6 quirky things in my comment box so I can learn a little about my lurkers and my regulars. And? I'm a comment whore.


Look Away, BFF!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to the very first pet of my own of as an adult. This day has been 12 years in the making. I wish I could tell you her name but right now it's up in the air. Her old name was Ivy and Buzz is set on Zeke. It doesn't really matter what her name is anyway because I have never ever called any of my pets by their Christian names. Right now, I just call her Kitty or Keekers.
Thank goodness for craigslist. I was looking to adopt a young cat rather than a kitten and the shelter fees in Ventura county range anywhere from $95 to $120 dollars. This little girl not only was free to a good home, but she came fully loaded with her own collar, bowls, litter box and carrying crate. Not only that? But she is a great kitty. She's super affectionate and mews when I talk to her. She's got spunk, she does. And no, not that kind of spunk.
Anywho, Buzz and Kiyah are moving on up to Oxnard. Officially all moved in this weekend. I can't wait until our little family is in our new condo. Together. Sigh. Where's my picket fence?

MORAL OF THAT STORY: My allergies will not stop me from loving the hell out of this kitty cat and I have the swollen eye to prove it.



That was the sound of me tripping and falling across my living room last night with a wooden cabinet in my hands. I'm bruised and battered but I'm practically all unpacked.
That's all I've got in me, folks.



I'm completely out of my old place! Now I need to unpack and get settled into the new place. Currently it looks like a bomb exploded my things all over the living room. There's blood on the refrigerator, debris everywhere. LOL. Ah, the joys of moving. And now for some open letters:

Dear Dodgers,
Please win more than you lose.

Please come to terms with the fact that you are washed up pop stars trying to make a pretty penny off some gals with mad nostalgia. I would have paid about $50 to see you but the $80 range? Come on.

Dear Gas,
$4.50 a gallon for the cheap stuff? Really?
No Love,


Six Six Haiku Friday

I am so happy
Tonight will be my last night
At Four Twenty Six
Getting a lot done
Loaded up Vehicular
Every night this week
Big stuff tomorrow
Cleaning both places Sunday
Yay! New beginnings!


Love Thursday

  • I love when my neighbors blare their music.
  • I love asking them to turn it down and having them turn it up.
  • I love fighting with them from the street while they peer down from the balcony and our neighbors and my mother look on in horror.
  • I love having to carry a knife with me "just in case."
  • I love packing boxes and moving them across town.
  • I love when people make me feel bad for making my own decisions.
  • I love guilt trips.
  • I love waking up early in the morning to come to work.
  • I love the high price of gas.
  • I love that my fiance lives in San Diego.
  • I love that I have forty dollars in my bank accounts.

This post was brought to you from



Moving Time!

I know I have complained here time and time again about the general upheaval that occurs at my current apartment complex so there's really no need to reiterate. Last weekend was much of the same. Some cholo allegedly got punched in the face outside my door and the ensuing activities sounded like a herd of elephants stampeding across the second story balcony. Then he came back threatening to rally up the troops and kick everyone's ass only to burst into tears about what a hard day he was having. That's one tough dude right there.
The police came shortly thereafter. I figured they'd know where the trouble was coming from as the shattered front window of the apartment next door is being held together by long strips of duct tape but it doesn't seem they even came upstairs. Why? Because there was a different domestic dispute going on in the parking lot next to our building. Awesome.
Last night while I was loading up Vehicular with the first load to move over to our new condo by the beach, the people who take care of my apartment complex expressed how sad they were that I would be out by Sunday. I will be sad to say goodbye to them and my actual apartment but the surrounding shenanigans will not be missed. The new place? Half a block from the beach. The streets are so quiet it's almost unnerving. The only sound I heard were the "Beware of" dogs next door and the cooing of some pigeons that seem to have made their home above the window of our master bedroom. Yes. Ours. His and mine.
God that feels awesome to write.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Those who suffer eventually get rewarded.


TMI Tuesday

1. How old were you when you first kissed a boy?
I was 15 going on 16... almost made it to Sweet 16 and never been kissed.
2. Who would play you in the movie of your life story?
Drew Barrymore please!
3. What is the number one thing your love/hate about gay people?
This question is fucking ridiculous. Depeche Mode said it best: People are people so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully.
4. If you could legally get married to "the fella" - or any fella - would you?
I happen to be marrying my special fella very soon. And very legally.
5. Have you ever worn short short shorts in public?
I think in my younger days I may have worn short shorts but nothing that would even come close to comparing to the skin tight underoos the young girls are passing off as shorts these days. And I'm officially elderly.
Bonus (as in optional): Who is your favorite blogger?
ME!!!! Or maybe BFF. Or Crusty. Or Buzz.... so many goodies to choose from there on the Daily Blog Stalking list....

Questions from here.


German Friendship Song

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

BFF and I had an elaborate plan to see this movie when we were in Berlin but sunshine and biergartens happened and we never got around to seeing Indy dubbed in Deutsch. Then Buzz came to Oxnard and we decided to go to a matinee on a lovely Saturday afternoon. Not quite the same but equally wonderful.
First and foremost, the score of Indy's theme music gives me a boner. Secondly? Harrison Ford is closing out his 60s and he's still as hot as he was when the third Indiana Jones wrapped almost twenty years ago. And finally, Shia LeBeouf is my boyfriend.
I've been doing my best to avoid spoilers, reviews and word on the street about this movie for a while because I've been so excited anticipating its arrival. I loved the trilogy when it was one and the nostalgia of it all had me giddy as a school girl. Then people started saying things about aliens and I wondered WTF I was walking into. I worried a bit that another movie might kill the magic but guess what, you guys?!? It totally rocked.
Seriously, this? This is what a movie should be. Original story line. Great acting. Neat special effects. Humor. Swash buckling adventure. Some yucky stuff to make your skin crawl and a bit of mysticism. I thought that Crystal Skull stayed very true to the other three movies and the way it ended leads me to believe Mr. LeBeouf might be filling Mr. Ford's fedora sooner than later. One can only hope any follow up movies will do the same kind of justice to Indy's legacy as this one did.