I Am Iron Man

Buzz and I finally got to see Iron Man last night. We had the pleasure and privilege of sitting next to Iron Man himself... well, a boy in a costume, but still. About two scenes in I realized Gwyneth Paltrow had a large role and was ready to be upset for the rest of the movie. Shock of all shocks: I liked her! I really liked her! She looked darling with her strawberry blonde hair and her freckles and I coveted her wardrobe and her Christian Louboutin's. I'm sure all of this matters not to you, though.
I admit I have a problem when seeing realistic portrayals of war on the big screen. There is a lot of that in Iron Man but it seemed to make the over-the-top comic book storyline all the more believable. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) gets to play with a lot of expensive toys and drive expensive cars and live in an expensive mansion in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the bluff it is perched on. It was nice to see Los Angeles look so beautiful in a movie. Usually New York City gets all the attention.
Jon Favreau (I know right? Quite the leap from Elf!) directed a really wonderful comic book movie. It wasn't over the top cartoonish. The Dude as the villain Obadiah was a controlled scary. Robert Downey Jr. blows my mind. I love his natural banter. He looks GREAT for a man his age and his entire performance seemed effortless. It may be Spring but Iron Man has Summer Blockbuster written all over it. Check it out.

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