Crack Kills

Hugs On Crack

This picture right here inspired this guy to add me to his Flickr favorites. Not quite sure how I feel about it but at least he's committed. I'll have to thank my fiance for his photo taking skills and how they led a butt crack fan to me.

To each their own.


Sassy One said...

LOL - My ass is always hanging out. Usually you can see my thong...like a big piece of white trash.


Mary B. said...

Great pic of your hiney!

exile said...

oh where shall i begin...

1. crack is very addictive
2. can't wait to smack that crack!
3. under where?
4. oh randi, you always know how to crack me up
5. puppy hugs are an ASSet to Randi's well being
6. "and in this piece we can see an interesting contrast between light and dark, ass and grass..."
7. and Nephew says "Aunti Randi, why is it when you pet the dog i can hear the ocean?"
8. Randi's monkey maker now takes change
9. you might want to get a new pair of pants, those one have a crack in them
10. you've been absent for far too long,
why have you left did i do something wrong?
please come back, where ever you've gone,
come back to us, Randi's wayward thong...

...i'm spent

Lisa..... said...

Now when you talk about him, you get to say my fiance!

hotdrwife said...

Dude, I didn't even NOTICE that. I was looking at the dog.