Goodbye, May Haiku Friday

Buzz is coming up
Let the house hunting begin
Jet lag can suck it
So can the goddamn car horns
Let a bitch sleep, please!
Got my grades, you guys
A in History and a
B+ in Spanish


Finally right?!?!

Berlin Pics Are Up
And... I guess that's it.
One more day 'til I see my fiance!


Do you guys remember this?

Well they totally picked me!

Click here to see. It's under Carnegie Art Museum.


Happy Hump Day

Who knew twelve hours of flying and several changes of time zones could jack one up so. After putting in a full 8 hours back at work yesterday, I went to get a manicure and then literally stared at the wall for an hour rather than upload pictures. I know. I know. I suck. What can I say? Tonight's looking good but for sure they'll be up before the weekend. Yeah... I got nothin'.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Jet lag can be blamed for making promises one can't keep.

BFF's pictures of Berlin.


Hello, America. How are you?

Berlin? Amazing.
Home? Feels good.
Work? Not so much.

Haha. A billion pictures to come.


Back On The 27th!



Crack Kills

Hugs On Crack

This picture right here inspired this guy to add me to his Flickr favorites. Not quite sure how I feel about it but at least he's committed. I'll have to thank my fiance for his photo taking skills and how they led a butt crack fan to me.

To each their own.


Birthday/Engagement Game

Zoom Lens
Pamela Anderson and her sons threw out the first pitch. I got to play with my new zoom lens. We were in the loge (2nd) level, row K. Might as well have been right next to them.
This is my other favorite:
Got the Captain in 'em
They've got the Captain in 'em...


I'm 31, Bitches!

Like Mother Like Daughter
Happy belated mother's day to my Moo Lady.
Happy birthday to me.
Got an A in my History class.
I'm shittin' rainbows.



May 10th, Bottom of the 9th, Dodgers 0, Houston 5

Soon we'll be Mr. & Mrs. Don't act like you're not impressed.
The gym shorts really make the shot, no?


I Am Iron Man

Buzz and I finally got to see Iron Man last night. We had the pleasure and privilege of sitting next to Iron Man himself... well, a boy in a costume, but still. About two scenes in I realized Gwyneth Paltrow had a large role and was ready to be upset for the rest of the movie. Shock of all shocks: I liked her! I really liked her! She looked darling with her strawberry blonde hair and her freckles and I coveted her wardrobe and her Christian Louboutin's. I'm sure all of this matters not to you, though.
I admit I have a problem when seeing realistic portrayals of war on the big screen. There is a lot of that in Iron Man but it seemed to make the over-the-top comic book storyline all the more believable. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) gets to play with a lot of expensive toys and drive expensive cars and live in an expensive mansion in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the bluff it is perched on. It was nice to see Los Angeles look so beautiful in a movie. Usually New York City gets all the attention.
Jon Favreau (I know right? Quite the leap from Elf!) directed a really wonderful comic book movie. It wasn't over the top cartoonish. The Dude as the villain Obadiah was a controlled scary. Robert Downey Jr. blows my mind. I love his natural banter. He looks GREAT for a man his age and his entire performance seemed effortless. It may be Spring but Iron Man has Summer Blockbuster written all over it. Check it out.


3 More Days Haiku Friday

Buzz is here with me
Slept like a newborn baby
Mix of tired and safe
School is almost done
One more final, one paper
Then it's Germany
May is flying by
One thing after another
My calendar's full

My Amazon.com Wish List


Apartment Living Sucks

With the prospect of renting a house on the horizon, apartment living has become practically unbearable. Last night really sealed the deal for me, though. I've lived in the same building for nearly two years and while there has really been only one serious disturbance of the domestic kind it has mostly been peaceful. Sure, there's the general racket (loud music, humping, "Mexican doorbells" a.k.a. people honking their horn for people to come out of the house) but for the most part I've truly enjoyed my wee apartment.
So what happened last night? Well the neighbors in #11 have been a problem pretty much since the day they moved in. Their music is constantly set on loud and their windows are always open. They have plastic lawn chairs for furniture and there is a rotating cast of eses and cholos*** that is pretty much consistently coming and going from their apartment. Parties at all hours of the night, outdoor voices indoors and all around shenanigans. Something clearly went down over the weekend because their window was broken. They claim it was a break in but really? They don't even have furniture.
So last night there was clearly a fight going down. I could hear yelling and what sounded to me like skin hitting skin. I don't know if it was an open hand or a fist but there was definitely contact of a rough nature made. After an explosion of curses, the door was slammed and the already broken window crashed to the ground. Needless to say, my landlady showed up at their door shortly thereafter.
Rather than the tenant admitting she was at fault for all of the commotion, said tenant instead proceeded to proclaim that I sell drugs out of my apartment. She must have screamed at our landlady for a good fifteen minutes. Then the police came. Not just the police, mind you, K-9 police with German Shepherds barking their fool heads off from the squad cars. "I know my rights!" to which the officer responded "Good. Then you'll know that you're in public and you're drunk so it's in your best interest to get back inside and settle down."
I got about 4 hours of sleep. Had Eli sit in my living room until I finally fell asleep. Had my co-worker come to my apartment this morning to walk me to my car. I'm pretty much a bundle of nerves right now. Just had to get this off my chest. Sometimes it's hard being a woman living on her own and it's even harder admitting that.

***I know I sound all kinds of racist but if you lived in Oxnard you'd be saying the same shit. "Some of my best friends are Mexican" and I speak Spanish. Fuckit. I'm an honorary Latina.


5 More Days...

Since I've not got much to sayI thought I'd give a shout out of thanks for the following: New Chucks from Miss Kitty - note the skulls and butterflies...
The Book of Bunny Suicides from Crusty's Beau - nuff said
The Glass Castle from Crusty - Reading material for my flight. And So I Married An Axe Murderer from Crusty as well...

Damn! I'm spoiled!

MORAL OF THIS STORY: Randi loves birthday gifts and she ain't afraid to beg for 'em.


My Future Dogie

Seriously? How cute and huge is this dog? I've really got nothing so make squealy girl noises and love the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog like I do to pass the time.
Six more days, bitches.


The Final Countdown

3 days 'til Buzz gets here

4 days 'til we see Ironman

5 days 'til my first Dodgers game of the season

6 days 'til Mother's Day

7 days 'til my birthday

9 days 'til finals

10 days 'til Germany

11 days 'til my Tax Stimulus Rebate gets deposited


Ten More Days Haiku Friday

Good things are hap'nin'
We shat and got off the pot
Our future's so bright...
Just like Elvis sang
A lot less conversation
A lot more action
Moving up to ten
On the ol' happiness scale
Deep sigh of relief


What day is it?

April 31st? Or May 1st?
Points go to BFF for finding this gem.
You guys? 11 more days...
I'm just saying.