Spring Fo Sho Haiku Friday

Pedicure. Massage.
I spoiled myself after work.
Today? The mani.
Want to be pretty
I bought myself some new threads
Freshen myself up
See those pics below?
Can you see the resemblance?
One hint... it's the nose


Andrea said...

You are so pretty
I won the last pretty fight
Before the new threads

Andrea said...

No resemblance there
Junior Gorg may wish there was
Does not make it so

Coodence said...

You are so pretty.
You don't look like a monster.
Totally ridick.

Dark Damian said...

Your nose isn't big.
It merely accentuates
Your pretty round eyes.

Besides, if it is,
It means that you smell so good
That you need more nose.

Relax, accept fate.
Your proboscis rocks my world
With its sniffing ass.

And with a manicure,
It's not like I'd even care
If you had a trunk.

Jawn said...

No resemblance there,
No not at all. Fraggle Rock?
You're pretty, "it's" not.

Buzz said...

see Buzz's Favorite.

and reconsider your stance on the schnoz

exile said...

wish you were pretty?
hey, don't waste that wish dar'lyn
you already are!