Love Thursday

First Self Portrait of the Day

I guess it's about high time I throw up the 411 about my romantic weekend away with Buzz. Destination: Disneyland. After beating him to the hotel, we proceeded to the Magic Kingdom for a full day's worth of fun and frolicking. I feared the perma-grin I was rocking would lead peeps to believe I was "special" but I think I pulled it off. This is the first trip I was able to see the new and improved Finding Nemo Submarines, I highly recommend it. The cute factor was frickin' high that day. We hardly hit a line that lasted longer than 30 minutes. We held hands all day. I know, I know. If you need to take a second to gag on the saccharine that is my story I won't mind. And now onto the snippets:

  • McDonald's has strategically placed kiosks that sell only french fries. Yeah. They do. Be sure to remember that the next time you are looking for a cheeseburger and end up waiting in line for NOTHING BUT FRIES which we didn't even end up getting.
  • There is NO LIQUOR SERVED at the Disneyland theme park. Downtown Disney - yes. California Adventure - yes. The Blue Bayou fine dining restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride - NO. And Buzz will inform you of this from the top of his lungs across the waiting room and you will do the alcoholic's walk of shame out the door, abandoning the reservations you made nearly a week in advance.
  • So obviously we bailed and headed to Downtown Disney for some pre-dinner beverage imbibing and appetizer consumption. The Asian chicken wings at the ESPN Zone kick ass. So does Fat Tire on tap. In fact, the whole experience there was so lovely that when we left, Buzz exchanged high fives with the entire bar staff and patrons while I was already out the door. Keep the high five alive!!!
  • Dinner was at the Rainforest Cafe. Dudes: bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with crab and drizzled with a four cheese sauce. Delectable. Blinky cup? Fucking rad. Animatronic gorilla right next to our table? A bit much.
  • After muchas cervezas we headed back to the Hilton to check in and then took a cab a whole 2 blocks back to Disneyland where we accosted people in line for the Indiana Jones ride. People, whatever you do, do not rock a Detroit hat unless you are from there. Buzz will call you out.
  • The prime time to hop on Splash Mountain is at night when the rest of the park peeps have their eyes on the fireworks. However, you will be DRENCHED and it will not be warm. Soaking wet jeans and walking don't mix. No sir.
  • When booking an out of town trip, be sure to note if there will be a cheerleading competition at the convention center directly outside your hotel. If you don't? You will send your boyfriend down to the lobby for some Starbucks only to have him gone for nearly an hour while you are pacing the room wondering WTF could have possibly happened to him from the room to the lobby and back. Cheertastic!
  • Breakfast at the LaBrea Bakery in Downtown Disney is a must. Mmm... Quiche Lorraine. Mmm... mimosas. Mmm... sourdough toast.
  • California Adventure? Meh. 3-D shows are fun (Yay Muppets! Yay Bug's Life!) but the rest of it was sort of anticlimactic. Or it could have just been burnout since Saturday rocked socks.
  • Buzz knocked down little thingies with baseballs and won me a leopard. Well... first three tiny leopards which I had to exchange for a biggun. Hooray!

And that's that in a nutshell. I will try not to turn this into a boyfriend blog sort of like I tried not to let it turn into a nephew blog. But it's fresh and new and love is in the air and everywhere I look around.


Coodence said...

Super cute picture, ho!

And I'm glad you beat him to the hotel, not AT the hotel. TMI.

ceedee said...

too cute, dude! so excited to meet this guy :)
are you singing "I've finally found the love, of a lifetime" by Firehouse? I know you are....LOL!

Andrea said...

Cee! NO! Don't put bad songs in my head! ACK!!! ; )

Randi, Cali has too many cheerleaders. If I'm to consider moving there you really must do something about this. I'd hate to wear out my spirit finger within the first week!

PS - A McD's stand only for fries is GENIOUS! Granted, not if you are looking for a burger.

Buzz said...

Perfect Recap!


Sassy One said...

Ohhh I hung on every word :)

A "Just Fries" stand. BRILLIANT! They need to have that here!!

hotdrwife said...

I am so happy for you!!!

(hi, I'm late to the party, per usual)


Lisa..... said...

No alcohol in the Blue Bayou!! I have been dying to eat there forever. I wanna get drunk with the pirates! How disappointing.

I actually like C. Adventure though...Tower of Terror anyone?

Glad you had fun!

fyrchk said...

YAY for boyfriends that rock!

Jessica said...

I haven't been reading (or writing, for that matter) blogs lately. I happened upon this little gem today. I am so excited for you. Yay!