Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Finally! A movie I wanted to see based solely on the cast that didn't totally disappoint me (see: here and here)! My love for the original Apatow gang (see: Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared) has got to be evident by now. Hell, I even threw up a post saying Jason Segel was the new Judge Reinhold. That? Was not the nicest thing to say because I do believe Mr. Segel will have much more longevity than Mr. Reinhold did... but I digress. Forgetting Sarah Marshall basically opens on Jason Segel's penis and manages to revisit that "oft unseen on the big screen" body part quite a few times throughout the length of the film. He wrote this movie, you know. The man is very talented. He's also a musician (no really!) and manages to work into the story line a Dracula musical. With puppets. And when a movie has a line like "Snuffleupagus fucked my shit up!" you know you can't go wrong.
On a side note? How gorgeous did Mila Kunis of That 70s Show fame get all of a sudden? I'd take her over Angelina Jolie any day! For some added flavor, Kenneth the Page and Paul Rudd grace us with their presence, too. The jokes are flying fast and furious but the story actually manages to be romantic and touching and throws in a little "moral of the story" action regarding relationships as well without being too much.
I really loved everyone in and everything about this movie. Thought for a second I'd have to revive Buzz with an oxygen tank because he laughed so hard but it never came to that. Frankly, he and I laughed harder than anyone else in the theater. Perhaps it was because of the mimosa at breakfast but I will say this: Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a must see.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Sometimes sneaking in a movie to break up the theme park monotony is essential.


exile said...

i'm acctually looking forward to see this one

glad that it got the Randi seal of approval

a Randi Seal Of Approval...

the gears are turning

Buzz said...

When life gives you lemons, just say 'Fuck the lemons,' and bail.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the movie Randi! I haven't seen this movie yet (had to watch Harold & Kumar first!), but apparently all the real "sarah Marshalls" are pissed with the ad campaign and are lashing back!