27 More Days!

You haven't had to deal with me yet. For some this is not much of an achievement but for me it's monumental. You see... Normally I start counting down to my birthday every time a month hits "12" after May. This year? I actually waited 'til the 12th of April to start counting down. Pretty neat huh? You can see to your upper right there is a lovely little link to my wish list. Mind you, you don't need to buy me a gift, but won't it feel nice for you when you express that kind of generosity? When I mention your gift and thank you profusely on my blog, won't it give you warm fuzzies to know you've been acknowledged for your kindness? Yeah. Right. Basically I'm a beggar and if you guys won't create a PayPal fund to get my tattoo fixed then I guess I will just have to settle for DVDs. Ha!
My Amazon.com Wish List
Don't forget, today is Tax Day. File yo' shit, slackers!


Lisa..... said...

Yea it's almost your birthday! And mine too, mine is May 21st!

Buzz said...

Juno what else is happening today?


Buzz said...

Oh, and take Lebowski off the list.

But Michael McDonald? If I hear "Yamo Be There" one more time I'm goona Yamo burn this place to the ground.

Sassy One said...

Why didn't I think of this when my birthday rolled around?!

fyrchk said...

Uhhh...you have to create the Paypal account. 'Tard.

Did I teach you nothing?

Andrea said...

I start counting mine down on April 29th. I always have. This year will be no different.

Even if the thought just occurred to me that I'll probably be making my own damned cake. Which is fine. I get to lick the bowl. And the beaters. And eat all the frosting. And then all the cake. So there. Yay.