We Have An Apatow Down!

Last time Buzz was here we had a nasty run in with this movie. I was as hyped about that one as I was about Drillbit Taylor. Once again, I was more sold by the cast than by the movie itself. Once again, I walked away a little disappointed. I just don't think PG-13 is the best format for the comedic genius Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow have to offer. Maybe it's because I am old and jaded and have a mouth a sailor would envy. Then again, maybe I am just one of those hipster/emo sort of people that think PG-13 is selling out. It's going "mainstream." It's similar to the way I felt watching Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming. It just ... wasn't great. Sure, I laughed. I just expected more. It's never a good feeling when I share the same opinion of a movie as some of the more popular critic sources in my neck of the woods but I will quote one of them when I tell you this:
"Wait for cable."

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Lisa..... said...

Aahh, I liked kicking and screaming. My kids play soccer and it was filmed in Sierra Madre (we used to live there). We had backyard movie night with it and my daughters soccer team.