You see that there? That's what happens when you are backing out of a parking space as someone directly behind you is simultaneously backing out of their parking space and the two worlds collide. Dang. It figures that this would happen a mere 6 months from her being paid off. It figures this would happen right when I thought I had some money to spare to fix my tattoo. And it figures this would happen when I'm on my Prozac happy cloud and didn't think to really take down insurance info, etc. However, I take responsibility for this wee collision though I am sure it is a 50/50 sort of deal. You see, I was sort of looking at my phone and not really checking behind me as I threw her in reverse. So yeah. Unfortunately for me I am in a super little Beetle and she didn't stand a chance against a super big pickup truck. Said truck had zero damage other than a tiny little scratch on his shiny chrome bumper. And get this. The guy driving? His name was Jerry Garcia. Ha! You would think that would make him super chill but he was sort of raising his voice at me for not paying attention and accusing me of wanting to make it look like a hit and run. What. Ever. So I sent him on his merry way with a heavy heart because now my toy is broken.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Look over both shoulders and behind you whilst backing up lest you too end up with $1300 worth of damage that could have totally been avoided.


Coodence said...

Poor little vehicular.

Buzz said...

Dang... Jerry Garcia... That's still funny to me.

Kinda like Michael Bolton from Office Space being all pissed off about his name. "why should I change my name? He should change his!"

Lisa..... said...

that sucks!

Sassy One said...

Shiiit. That sucks.
I kiss it better.

exile said...

who's been beating on that beatle?!?!?!

btw, backing into someone else like that is one of my driving fears... my other is getting t-boned in an intersection