Tattoo Tuesday


Ok, so I know it's not HNT so there should be no reason at all for my huge backside to be gracing the top of this post. However, the older picture I had of my "tramp stamp" is quite blurry and I had to retake one for the tattoo man. See, I am really disappointed in the way the tattoo on the left came out. Anyone care to take a stab at what that is supposed to be? Bueller? Well it's supposed to be orange fall leaves with an autumn sky behind it. It goes without saying that the "artist" clearly lacked skill.
So now I'm considering some retouching/cover-up work. It would appear that in order to bring sharpness, symmetry and recognizability (not bad for a made up word huh?) to this bad girl it's going to cost anywhere from two to three hundred big ones. Clams. Smackaroos. Bucks. You get the idea. It's not cheap.
My dilemma is this. I am going to Berlin in May for 12 days to celebrate my 31st birthday and the end of the semester and to simply go on a vacation with my bestest friends to see my favoritest uncle. Tickets weren't cheap and I doubt my stay will be either though I do get to room for free. So there's the big expense for the year. Also, I wouldn't mind making a trip to the right coast in the fall as well. But? I know I have money coming:

  • Refund check from the gubment arrives in September
  • Car payment is complete in October
  • Potential work bonus comes in November

Where am I going with this? Well I want your opinion. Since my Andrea Poll is already occupying poll space in the upper right hand corner of this blog (GO VOTE! though you have to do it twice for some reason...) I am going to rely on comments below to help me make my decision. Do I get this tattoo work done now and pay it off later or do I wait?


Coodence said...

Come get it done in NYC in the fall!!!

Yay! Who doesn't want to get a huge tattoo on their back then sit on a plane ride home??

Buzz said...

I say wait Lois.

You've had it this long and there isn't anyone who's going to notice until the touchup gets done. Keep that dough and get me something good from Germany. :o)

Andrea said...

Buzz basically said what I was going to say. Wait on the tat. Save your moola for your trips and get the tat fixed later once you've saved up for that. You've lived with it this long and it's not that bad.

Lisa..... said...

Well my honest opinion is that most people know what they want to do, before they ask for advice. They just want to hear it out loud from other people. Do what you want to do, not something you'll regret. Will you regret (charging it/not doin it) it next year?

Osbasso said...

I'd say wait, too. But I'm still staring at your backside on a non-Thursday!