Predictably Ferrell

The title of this post may lead you to believe this is a bad thing but for me it is the essence of joy. Do you know how much I love seeing a long anticipated movie starring my comedic idol on the night of its release? A lot. There. I said it.
Will Ferrell is so amazing. He could literally read me the phone book whilst making his classic faces and channeling his rage voice and I would pay to see it. That curly afro he's rocking is hilarious in and of itself. Stupid humor? It's definitely in surplus in Semi-Pro.
However, there were a lot more "touching" and "sincere" moments in this movie than in his prior films. Not that it's a bad thing, but it did seem to upset the flow a bit. Maybe the story of an underdog sports team requires those ingredients. But why did Woody Harrelson's character need a love interest? And why did it have to be the lady from ER? Some of it just didn't seem pertinent to the hilarity.
And just when you least expect it, here comes the bear. And the ridiculousness returns and all is well in the land of silly.


Buzz said...

Oh you suck for seeing it first! I didn't read the review yet, and I'm seeing tomorrow.

I will call you tomorrow.

Sassy One said...

A good 'fro is always worth $8.00