Monday Musings

So if it wasn't totally obvious, I had a guest all of last week. If you haven't figured out how to click on her link yet and if you still don't know who she is, I simply don't know what to tell you. I can't help the helpless I guess. We had a fantastically mellow time together, spent a lot of time taking pictures and meandering through Ventura County and Los Angeles. To say she was a perfect guest would be an understatement.
On Sunday we woke up in the wee dark hours of the morning to send her on her way. After I watched her PT Cruiser lights fade away as she departed from my apartment, I opened the seal on the air mattress and headed back upstairs for some more shut eye. When I awoke again I came downstairs to find a deflated bed and none of her luggage remaining. I stripped the sheets, folded the blankets, rolled up the mattress and it was as if she'd never been there. Suddenly, my living room area seems much larger and a lot more empty.
I know with the HNT and these recent posts it might be coming off that we are total "Lez-be-friends" (thanks, Dirk) but it's nothing like that. It is just so refreshing to be able to spend some quality time with such a solid lady. Since my gal pals are scattered across the United States, it's rare that I get to just run around and be silly with another person that shares my gender. There is definitely something to be said about new friends. I am so glad I get to add her Virginia-livin' ass to my list.
80s hair band Cinderella really sums it up nicely:

Yeah... cuz that's totally not gay. Don't forget to vote on the poll above Skurvy. Closes midnight Friday.


Andrea said...

Gah! Shut up!


Thinking of you deflating my air mattress is making me sad.

I had such a good time, Randi. Really. I can't say it enough. You were awesome to let me crash with you for a bit and you were awesome for putting up with my laid back totally cool attitude. : )

Hella said...

As soon as I saw that you posted a Cinderella tune I KNEW it was gonna be Dont Know What You Got Until Its Gone.

Haven't heard that tune in YEARS!!!!

Sassy One said...

Hella the music carney strikes again! Of course she knew that...

The image of an empty living room and a deflated air mattress is truly sad. I wonder if Hallmark makes a card for this?