Foo Fighters Rock Haiku Friday

Andrea took me
We had a Sizzler dinner
Old dudes hit on us
Dave Grohl is Jesus
Running, screaming and singing
Triangle solo
Former home of Lakers, Kings
Vintage arena

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Jawn said...

We goin sizzler...we goin sizzler...

Buzz said...

Glad you guys had a good time!


Andrea said...

Gah! Mother fucker!
Dual personalities
Fucked up my haiku


The Foos rocked my ass
Dave Grohl is my new boyfriend
He calls me Nikki


No I'll Stick Around
But Monkey Wrench was awesome
I love me some Foo!


Week is nearly done
I must fly to Virginia
I will miss Randi

Sassy One said...

Sounds like you ladies are having a good time!
I'd give my left tit to see the Foos!