An Actual Post?

This ol' blog of mine has been desperately lacking in content for a while. I apparently am of the strong belief that my amazing photography skills alone will keep you interested in coming back but I really don't think that's why you're here. It's the voyeurism. It's so you can look into the happenings of my life and either gasp in horror or relate sympathetically... or maybe even laugh hysterically. At least... that's why I look at blogs.
Much has been happening but I am leaning toward keeping a photo journal of those sorts of momentous occasions on my flickr instead of throwing a picture up and calling it a post. I have a visitor in town and she is not only keeping me busy, but entertained. I'm 2 for 2 at meeting bloggers! Hooray! We were able to see most of Southern California in a matter of a few days. Lots of driving around and pointing out of landmarks. It has been a lot of fun and I was able to confirm last night that "the cross" is still standing in Ventura. I plan on returning later this week for a photo shoot.
As for the bleak little haiku that I posted last Friday, well, in a summary of only 5 words: I have a big mouth. I speak my mind and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'm grateful for those closest to me that have come to accept this oft unpleasant aspect of my personality but I have come to learn that not all people are able to accept constructive criticism and more often than not I have to learn to keep my opinions to myself.

Moral of that story: When a problem comes around? I must zip it! *crack the whip* Zip it good!


fyrchk said...

I speak sometimes whithout thinking. (Ok, a lot of the time.) And, apparently I have the same effect on people.

They should just know that I'm a little dense. :)

Lisa..... said...

The only time I think before I speak is when I talk to my patients. Because I figure since they have cancer, they deserve to be free from my crap. Everyone else, watch out!
That's funny we were both at the Griffith on the same day!

Sheen V said...

...and that's why I love Dr. Evil!

Sheen V said...

Oh, and what's there to do in Anaheim other than Disney?