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Main Entry: por·cine
Pronunciation: \ˈpor-ˌsīn\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin porcinus, from porcus pig — more at farrow
Date: circa 1656
: of, relating to, or suggesting swine : piggish

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Jawn said...

What were we thinking, huh? 'Nuff said...

Coodence said...

Well played! and EW to that mask picture.

Buzz said...

Zellwegger needs to stop, just stop.

She was cute in Empire Records and Jerry Macguire, but that's where it ends. Like 11 years ago...

Lisa..... said...

I so don't want to see Ricci in that movie. Lame anyone? I'd rather watch her in that Mermaid movie with Cher.