Love Thursday

I had every intention of making an HNT out of the new arrival of my LaZBoy sofa but I was unable to. Damn me and my headaches. Who knew that washing down an Imitrex with a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (so delicious) could knock you on your ass like that? I do now.
But back to the sofa. It bears a striking resemblance to that one there only imagine it looking like a giant Hershey bar. Mmm... chocolate brown. Yeah and both ends recline, I shit you not. I have been waiting for this bad boy to arrive since November 20, 2007. Wow, Randi, obsessed much? Nah, that just happens to be the day my nephew took his very first steps in front of his other auntie.
ANYWAY... back to the couch. I love my couch. It is amazing. Beautiful. Splendid. Soooo comfortable. And the best part about it? It is brand new and it is all mine. I can't believe it. I have lived on my own since I was 19 years old and this is the first couch I have ever owned that wasn't a hand-me-down. I started with my parents' old wooden futon, upgraded to Crusty's mom's love seat and graduated to the splendor that is a LaZBoy. This is an event 11 years in the making, ladies and gentlemen. I plan on having a couchwarming party. Let me know if you are interested. RSVP.


Buzz said...

I'm game...

You down for this weekend?


ceedee said...

I wanna lounge around on your new davenport! :)

Coodence said...

I'm totally interested!

I love the couch evolution, too.

exile said...

awwwww, you're so in love with your new sofa!

so... when do i get to come over and drink some beers on that bastard?