C is for Cookie

C is also the grade I got on my very first Spanish quiz. 78%. So close to a B. Since I learn phonetically, I am able to speak and understand the language very well but when it comes to writing I have hardly any idea what I'm doing. Irregular conjugations. Accents. Spelling in general. But I'm getting there. It's the first time I've taken a challenging Spanish class in God knows how long so I'm not too disappointed.
After yesterday's post I had a pretty successful day diet-wise so what do I do this morning? I grab cookies from the break room for breakfast. Oh Janules. Such a saboteur. That's ok though because I can have a couple cookies and just be good for the rest of the day. Right? Like I don't need to go to McDonald's for a Quarter Pounder value meal simply because my breakfast is questionable. This is where I go wrong. I slip and then I continue sliding through junk food the whole day. Well not today. No, sir.
And finally, to wrap up this insanely sporadic post, did you know there is a Tickle-Me Cookie Monster? I want it. I mean, look above. Who is cuter than Cookie? And if he can get all health-conscious so can I. K. That's all.


exile said...

Muy Buen!

tu es es fantasico en las classes de espanol!

tu necesitan la leche para tu galleta?

Very Good

you are fantastic in spanish class

do you need milk for you cookie?

Katy said...

My Dad always said D was for Diploma. Oh yes, we are a family of over achievers....BWAHAHAHA