Ash Humpday

I am a big fan of the Irish-flavored, quasi-punk band Flogging Molly. So much so that I have seen them at least 4 times live. HLP let me know that they were playing on St. Patrick's Day in Mesa, Arizona which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from her new home so I put a visit plan in motion. I really, really, really like St. Patrick's Day so I said I'd get tickets even though money is scarce because what a novel idea to see an Irish band play on my favorite Irish holiday! Unfortunately, the ever-trusted Ticketmaster website was not selling these tickets and in order to buy them I had to join some pre-sale list that Flogging Molly had going. No big deal. I ended up purchasing four tickets via musictoday.com. I always have a premonition of fraudulent or questionable activity when I veer away from Ticketmaster. I don't know why, I just do. Well it turns out my paranoia was justified.
The venue in Mesa sent an email less than a day after my ticket purchase that the show was going to be rescheduled from Monday, March 17th (a.k.a. St. Patrick's Day) to Sunday the 16th. Um... No thanks. That kind of doesn't make it as cool and, I mean, I've seen them 4 times already. Do I really need a fifth? So I requested a refund. My initial purchase was in the amount of $144.80. That included 4 tickets plus a service fee, natch. They were going to be will called so no postage or ticket printing fee had even occurred yet. When my refund came through a couple days later it was for $128.
I am paying $16.80 for what? Someone please explain this to me. No one did anything but process a transaction. That takes what? 2 minutes total? I'm paying $8.40 a minute for a computer to complete my purchase and refund? Really? I wrote them an email pointing out the absurdity of the whole thing. Now, it's not like I can't spare less than $20. I guess the question is: Why should I? Plus... how much money are they making off cancellations? I mean, if a dozen more people cancel they're making hundreds of dollars FOR NOTHING. Hmm...
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Highway robbery is occurring online.

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