Have you guys seen this show? Apparently it was on TV in the year 2001 and it completely flew under my radar. However, since The 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up I have pretty much been obsessed with any and all things Judd Apatow. Did you know he produced and wrote Jim Carrey's Cable Guy? Me neither... and oddly enough I liked that movie even though it seemed no one else did. I suggest you re-watch it if only for the scene where they are at Medieval Times. Classic. But back to Undeclared. Everyone makes a cameo in this show: Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller... it's like the Frat Pack before that was even a goofy ass nickname for these hilarious men-children. I just finished the last episode of the DVD collection and it was a bittersweet moment because I know there will never be another episode. How sad, right? Like, I bought this whole series because of the cast and the blessed touch of Mr. Apatow and now it's over. I guess I'll have to go out and grab Apatow's other cancelled TV attempt, Freaks and Geeks. By the way? Watching Undeclared is like watching Knocked Up: The College Years. Same peeps, same hilarity... check it out.

If that got you even remotely interested... go here. You won't be sorry.

Addendum Letter:

Dear Fry's employee,
Do you remember me? I'm the customer that called you on the phone to confirm you had Freaks and Geeks in stock. You took a while to answer my question so I assumed you were actually checking the floor. When you said it you had it for the low price of $45, I asked if you would you hold it for me. You said you weren't allowed to put stuff on hold any more. I said I'd be right over, jumped in Vehicular and headed your way. When I got there, I could find no Freaks and Geeks. The television show DVDs went from Fraggle Rock to French & Saunders, with a lovely little space where my product should have been. When I asked for your help you proudly proclaimed that you were the one I spoke to! I asked where the DVD was and you had no answer. I reiterated that I called for a reason and next time you should check the floor before a customer drives her tired ass all the way across town. You copped major 'tude and acted like I put you out. I know you probably make minimum wage and could give two shits about your job, but guess what? It's your job so you should do it well. The good people at Best Buy value my patronage more than you so I gave them the sale even though they were nearly $10 more expensive.
Just thought I'd let you know.
An Obsessed Apatow Fan

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Itchy said...

I've heard that Freaks and Geeks is totally worth checking out. I just may have to do this.