NKOTB Reunion?

According to People, the boys are reuniting. BFF has a poll going on over at her spot. You guys should go tell her who your favorite member of New Kids On The Block was. For me? Donnie Wahlberg.... sigh. Crusty, you ready to re-wallpaper your bedroom? Ha! Below are pics of my friend Paddlechips who bumped into the brothers Knight at a radio station in July of '06. No matter how old we get, we're still giddy little school girls when it comes to Danny, Jordan, Joey, Jon and Donnie.

UPDATE: Perez Hilton has Danny Wood denying rumors of a reunion via his MySpace page.


Coodence said...


ceedee said...

Go Paddlechips!

Lisa..... said...

I was in Whole Foods today and I heard what playing in the background? Step by Step by NKOTB. It made me think of you.=)

Hella said...

As I hang my head in shame I will admit that I did got to 2 NKOTB concerts and I wanted to marry Joe McIntyre......gimme a break I was 14!!!!

exile said...

wow... seeing them all together like that... GAY CITY

put them in purple and Polt will explode! hehehe

btw, i so stole Hella from Joey! hehehe

hotdrwife said...

God in Heaven.

You know, I remember going to a concert of theirs. I can't remember anything about it except wearing this retarded shirt that looked like someone had sprayed graffiti all over the damn thing.

I looked stupid.

I don't remember having a favorite, but I remember being awfully sad at all how they all turned out later.

Damn adulthood.

PS I had a thing for a certain Menudo star who I swear is GAY now. WAY TO GO, ME!

www.NKOTBReunion.com said...

That's right! NKOTB is BACK! It's True!
I just love New Kids On The Block!
Listen to their new song Click Click Click at www.NKOTBReunion.com
Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to that young singer Nasri on MYSPACE and his music is so great. He is actually behind the NKOTB comeback. He wrote the song “ click click click”, “Close to you” and co-wrote “ summertime ” with Donnie. He also is working on some other songs with the group according to the NKOTB website. Here’s the link I found.


My Favorite song is “NOT THE SAME” (myspace.com/nasriworld)

Check his myspace and add him as a friend because he always replies back with a thank you. He’s really hot too!!