Juno How It Is

There is a reason Juno received four Oscar nominations (best film, actress, screenplay and director); simply put, it is a great movie. The cast couldn't have been more perfect with each actor so comfortable in and owning their character. I have loved Allison Janney in offbeat roles like this since she played Loretta in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Michael Cera, well he's had my heart since Arrested Development so it was nice to see him reunite with former cast mate Jason Bateman even if they shared nary a scene together. And could Jennifer Garner be cuter? I mean, really? How it took me this long to make it to this movie is beyond me but I have a word of advice similar to the one Buzz gave me weeks ago: if you haven't seen it yet, drop whatever you are doing and go.
The film's writer, Diablo Cody, is actually one of the rotating authors for Entertainment Weekly's last page so I read her stuff before I saw her words given life in this film. I've had people compliment me that I write the way I speak and it makes me seem more approachable. I can say the same for Cody. Her dialogue was fresh and current and didn't seem remotely forced. Ellen Page, playing the titular character, really becomes a wise-beyond-her-years 16-year old. While I don't necessarily buy her "too cool for school" vibe as far as her supposed interest in 70s punk rock and horror films, I do think she embodied the role of a confident young person who had to make an incredibly mature decision. She is precariously balanced on a tightrope where she is both a child and a woman. She deserves any and all accolades she receives and I'll be anxious to see her other work.
There have been many debates about whether Juno is a pro-choice or pro-life movie. In my humble opinion, I don't think it is either. Quite frankly, I felt the story was a mostly realistic portrayal of teen pregnancy but few are lucky enough to have a support system like Juno's. Not every teenager has parents that will calmly take the news that their daughter is impregnated. Not every teenager has the maturity level to make a decision that requires such serious sacrifice and I find it hard to believe that the adoption process can be "that easy." However, I don't think that is what Juno is about nor do I believe that Diablo Cody is out to teach anyone morality. I think, quite simply, Juno is meant to entertain. I laughed, I cried, I recommend.


Buzz said...

Atta Girl

Coodence said...

Good review! I totally want to see it.

Will you promote my poll on your blog?


Itchy said...

It is excellent. I love it. LOVE! Get the soundrack, too. i play it often and a lot.