I Recommend:

  • Lily Allen's CD Alright, Still even though it's from last year. BFF burned it for me and I've had it on steady, if not constant, rotation since her December 26th visit.
  • Amy's Kitchen frozen cuisine. Since I live alone and despise touching meat for food preparation, I veer towards sandwiches and pre-prepared meals mostly. I was not disappointed with the Indian Palak Paneer for last night's dinner. Low in calories and tasty? The hell you say.
  • Four-chamber bubblers. For tobacco-smoking purposes, of course.
  • Going to the gym. Good Lord. Last night was my first time back in ages and while I wasn't exactly going full speed, just spending 30 minutes at a steady pace on the treadmill with my MP3 player was enough zone out time to actually feel relaxed.
  • Taking time for yourself.

Edit: According to my desk calendar, today is National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day. Celebrate as you will.


Coodence said...

All wonderful recommendations! Isn't Lily Allen just hilarious?!

Itchy said...

Amy's Kitchen you say? Hmmm...I may have to look into this. I may be growing weary of the grilled cheese. Wha? No...I didn't say that...

Sassy One said...

Let me know when it's chocolate covered strawberry day and I'll party like it's 1999.