How To Pack A Gym Bag Haiku Friday

Remember white socks
Black dress socks don't look that nice
With white running shoes
Pack loose, not tight, shorts
Otherwise your crotch eats them
Camel toe's no good
Water is a must
When you are gasping for air
Very out of shape


Buzz said...

just remember that you're starting out and it's only going to get better.

Keep it fun!

Made it back late last night, at work today teaching.


Itchy said...

I rocked the black socks
On the treadmill at my house
I was super hot!

Rhys said...

I do love quality poetry that also gives valuable life lessons. You said camel toe!!!!!!!!! :)

exile said...

camel toe issues...
not enough room for your socks...
i have the answer!

Rachel said...

Love the camel foot mention, hilarious

Sassy One said...

Up here in Canada we call it the moose knuckle =P

I can't wait to attempt to get back into (any!) shape!

Hollz said...

ya camel toes= no good lol