Happy New Year Hump Day!

You just can't do everything at once, dear Taurus. How do you expect to recuperate and reduce your stress while at the same time continue to be a superstar performer in every area of your life? Don't pressure yourself to "perform" today. If you do, you are likely to deplete your reserves even further. Take it easy, rest, and relax! You've earned this little break!

Last night I listed about 25 resolutions for the new year. I won't be sharing them because should I fail, I do not want to hear about my shortcomings from anyone. I need to stop living to fulfill society's expectations of who or where I should be at my age. I need to embrace who I am as a 30-year old, single woman without children. I need to celebrate my independence. I need to challenge myself. Ultimately, December has made me realize that I need to start putting me first and that is what I will be doing. And that's that.

Happy new year to all of you, bloggers and lurkers alike. Let's hope '08 is great for all of us.


Rachel said...

Oh honey, I'm with you on this too. Here's to taking charge of our destiny and having a fantastic year

Itchy said...

Fuck society. Live for yourself. Yeah.