Trying For A Book A Week

Since I am a fan of Scrubs and its leading man, Zach Braff, I decided to throw this book on my Amazon Wish List when he referenced in an article I more than likely read in Entertainment Weekly. The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green is written by his brother Joshua and is very Jewish. It's reading books like this that makes me appreciate my time working for Camp Ramah, living with a Rabbi's family and picking up the Hebrew I did. There are a lot of very specific words that us silly gentiles simply wouldn't know about otherwise. Anyhow, the story is basically about Jacob and his brother Asher and their relationship with their father who happens to be an extremely devout Jew with a volatile temper. It's telling how these boys both rebel against and protect their father in a typically adolescent coming of age sort of way. Braff's storytelling is very familiar and the situations he describe are mundane yet profound - the little things, after all, is what life is made of. I got quite a few chuckles out of these pages but when Abram, the patriarch of this dysfunctional family, loses his temper, its enough to make my stomach turn in discomfort. Apparently this is a bargain book now so I would say it's well worth the $6 you'll spend to get it. Luckily Crusty gave me mine for free when I got the ol' tonsils out. Nice.

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