Let's Duet

In me, Judd Apatow has not only a fan for life but a devout follower. The reason for this is not just his grasp of what makes for hilarious comedy, but the comfort of familiarity that comes with his rotating casts of primary players. I believe this particular group was dubbed the Frat Pack. Honestly, The Dewey Cox Story is sub par if you are comparing it to the caliber of The 40-Year Old Virgin or Knocked Up. However, if you take this movie for what it is, a silly good time, you won't be disappointed. Even the music is good! I laughed quite often but I might have written this one off had it not been for Paul Rudd, Jack Black, Justin Long and Jason Schwartzman's terrible impression of the Beatles. It's a can't miss. Everyone is in this movie. Everyone. However, had Kevin not pondered whether Will Ferrell would make a cameo in Walk Hard, I wouldn't have had the disappointment that accompanied his failure to show. And with that, I will part, leaving you with my favorite piece of dialogue, courtesy of IMDB:
Sam: We're smoking reefer and you don't want no part of this shit.
Dewey Cox: You're smoking *reefers*?
Sam: Yeah, 'course we are; can't you smell it?
DC : No, Sam. I can't.
Girl Groupie: Come on, Dewey! Join the party! [takes a hit off a joint]
Sam: No, Dewey, you don't want this. Get outta here!
DC: You know what, I don't want no hangover. I can't get no hangover.
Sam: It doesn't give you a hangover!
DC: Wha-I get addicted to it or something?
Sam: It's not habit-forming!
DC: Oh, okay... well, I don't know... I don't want to overdose on it.
Sam: You can't OD on it!
DC: It's not gonna make me wanna have sex, is it?
Sam: It makes sex even better!
DC: Sounds kind of expensive.
Sam: It's the cheapest drug there is.
DC: [at a loss and out of excuses] Hmm.
Sam: You don't want it!
DC: I think I kinda want it.
Sam: Okay, but just this once. Come on in.

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