I Am Legend

Oh, hells yes. Eli has only told me a million times that this movie was already made only starring Charlton Heston but back then it was called The Omega Man. I got it. But guess what? I didn't see that one. I did, however, see I Am Legend. I have to tell you, my admiration for the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air is really growing. He had me with Pursuit of Happyness and he only seems to be getting better with age. Will Smith is no smart mouthed Mr. Macho in this, though he is a definitely a hero of sorts. Just check out that bod when he's doing pull-ups in his doorway. Yum. And the fact that he, like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, can hold almost an entire movie on his own? Well that's just impressive. Period. Seeing Manhattan absolutely desolate with deer frolicking amidst deserted cars is absolutely creepy. And? Smith's character lives right by Washington Square Park and BFF works sorta near there and I've been there a bunch of times. Anywho, the flesh eating zombies in this flick are super scary and I was literally on the edge of my seat through the whole movie. It's very tense. I recommend catching this in the theater to get the full effect. I don't have a bad thing to say about this movie. Not a single thing. Why are you still sitting there? Go!

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