The Husband

When I was a pre-teen, the first "grown up" author I ever read was Dean Koontz. My next door neighbor at the time, we'll call her Nissan, was a year older than me and an avid reader as well. Nissan had many of his books to loan me and soon I was hooked. She is wholly responsible for my addiction to his paperbacks that I buy once a year when they are released. I haven't quite hit the book-a-week plan that I'd set for myself but I did kill this one in the course of 2 days. The Husband is a book that starts off suspenseful and doesn't let you rest until literally the last few pages. It's a story of kidnapping, dysfunctional families and betrayal. Naturally, there is a reference to a Golden Retriever because in pretty much every Dean Koontz story that breed makes an appearance. This man loves him some Golden Retrievers. He also loves Southern California and horticulture and never fails to over-describe both of these things in perfect detail. The "love story" isn't overbearing because there is simply no time for romance in this fast-paced book. Koontz has his formula down and when he does it right like he does in The Husband, you can't help but enjoy the ride.

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Lisa..... said...

I used to read Dean Koontz all through high school....and you do start to notice a kind of formula to some of it, huh?