Hump Day Ponderings

Why's he hiding his crotch?
Why after 5 years of acquaintance do we stand beside one another like we just met?
Why does the flash make it look like I'm wearing dangly earrings?
Why didn't my dad get my saucy, brown fishnet tights and leopard stilettos in this shot?
Why can't I be the subject of a photograph where my eyes aren't red (seriously, scroll 2 posts down)?

Help me out, people.


Coodence said...

I totally thought you were wearing dangly earrings, which didn't make any sense to me because you always wear your diamond earrings, but then I thought you might be being festive.

Either way you look cute and you guys definitely look like you just met.

Sassy One said...

Is he hiding a boner...you know like grade 7 boys do with their text books??

I have CHRONIC red eye in pictures. They say it's because I have no soul.

hotdrwife said...

I think the next time you guys pair up for a picture, you should just lean over fast and lick his face or something. That'd lighten the mood. And kick a leg up, so we can see the stockings. And no red eye either.

See!! Everyone wins.

Itchy said...

Did you get the saucy brown fishnets at Target, for that is where I got mine! I love them. They're saucy and yet? I feel OK wearing them to work.

Oh...and have I told you how pretty you are today? 'Cause you are.