Drive By Tagging

What a suprise to receive a tag from a stranger! Lisa? This is for you. But only because 7 is my lucky number...
1. I attempt to get out of bed in the morning multiple times before I actually emerge from the sheets, at times sitting completely up and throwing off the covers and then immediately lying back down and re-covering myself.
2. I am an obsessive deleter of all things. This means I am constantly purging old emails and clearing my cell phone's Recent Calls and text messages. I seriously don't know what I'm trying to hide.
3. I seem to have mastered "whistle-speak" that you may recognize from such cartoon characters as Herbert from The Family Guy or the beaver from Lady and the Tramp.
4. For some reason I've been whistling the theme song from Sanford and Son lately. If by lately I mean "for the last several months."
5. I love Britney Spears unconditionally even if she is a trainwreck. I am well aware that she lacks the ability to sing. My love has nothing to do with her making fabulous music or how she looks. I don't expect anyone to share these feelings or to understand them.
6. At home I rarely drink water from a glass. I mostly use my Nalgene 32 ouncer or drink from a plastic bottle. And I will NEVER be able to sip water through a straw. Ick.
7. When turning a corner, 9 times out of 10 I will hit the curb with the rim of my tire. I blame poor depth perception, Eli tells me I just don't drive very well.
I'm not much of a tagger these days but feel free to play along! Or you can list the random things I do... Cod? Hair? Hmm?

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Hella said...

Funny the theme from Sandford and Son is the theme music that me and my sis in law sing when we are beating other family members at any given game we are playing on the holidays......we are strange, but we are fun and we will always share our wine!