4 More Shopping Days!

But I don't have to shop EVER AGAIN! Well, that's not true but at least not until 2008. Crusty is in town and I think it is only for her that I would even look in the direction of a mall what with having finished my shopping online weeks ago. That's what friends are for, I guess. I picked up a few odds and ends at Hallmark and then we went to Macy's. No line at the MAC counter? The hell you say! The make-up counter man knew my color just by looking at the porcelainesque surface more commonly known as my skin. Not only that but he recommended the most fabulous mascara and my lashes have never looked fuller! However, perhaps the most monumental event in my shopping experience was finding a bra that is quite possibly the best fit I've ever had. My boobies are so happy right now. No longer confined to the restrictions of a B-cup, they are now resting comfortably in a C-cup. Barely There is the brand, have you ladies heard of it? Forget Victoria's Secret. Get one of these bad girls. While not the most beautiful brassiere, it is so nice and cozy. My mood is damn near stellar and I think Barely There deserves all the credit. There is really nothing better than new intimates. Hooray for happy boobies!


Coodence said...

Hooray for Happy Boobies, indeed!!!

Itchy said...

So, my boobs may be bigger if I go with Barely There? What's not to like?!??!

exile said...

i'm so glad your found a sanctuary for your snuggle bumpers!

(btw, you got one of my holiday wishes!)

Buzz said...

You've had those crammed in a B cup this whole time?


Glad you got the appropriate size, bet you're loads more comfortable.

The Mall, although crammed with people and X-mas music piped through the speakers still proves to be a good thing even for the online shopper.

JsTzznU said...

Nothing better than "comfy" boobies =)