Vanish Like Vapor

That's the definition of evanescence in case you were wondering. Why would I bring that up you ask? Well, HLP is one lucky lady and managed to win free tickets to see the band that sports that name at the Santa Barbara Bowl last night. The funny thing is, the SB Bowl is an outdoor venue and it managed to rain all day yesterday. So not only were the metal seats nice and wet, they were cold enough to freeze our buns. You should have seen the two of us huddled in our parkas, hoodies, beanies and scarves fighting the fifty degree chill. It was something to behold. Two bands opened for them: Sick Puppies and Julien K. Mind you, I'd heard of neither of them but they were pretty good.
HLP is the hard rocker in this relationship, I tend to lean more towards cheesy pop. Sue me. Evanescence is a nice blend of the two. The lead singer (I think her name is Amy?) has a very classical voice. It almost sounds like she should be singing in a Broadway musical like The Phantom of the Opera... It's quite a juxtaposition to the hard rocking guitars and drums. Plus? She plays the piano and that is possibly my favorite musical instrument so I was pleased.
Perhaps the best part of the concert, however, was the people sitting in front of us. They were no stranger to the flask and man did they like to sing along. I'm a nosy son of a gun so you know I was eavesdropping and the boy in the striped hoodie in front of me was turning 18 the next day so his compadres decided to get him good and wasted. He kept swaying to and fro in the fashion one does when they are about to boot. It was pretty hilarious. I wonder if he ever chummed or if he was able to tough it out. For HLP's sake, I threw a grito to the band before we left. All in all, a super way to spend a Sunday.

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