Pennies From Heaven

Just when I couldn't be in a seemingly worse financial situation, someone upstairs decided to shower me with money. I was down to about $16 in my checking and $5 in my savings with bills piling high and days past due. Not only that but I've been using my credit cards like they're going out of style even though I know how much trouble that can cause me in the long run. But yesterday was bonus day and it would appear that all my hard work did indeed pay off. I was able to pay the entire balance of a credit card, those past due bills are no longer on my desk and my savings account has been replenished. On top of that, my checking account no longer looks like it belongs to a preschooler.
It's funny, the other day my bong, which I use to smoke tobacco products of course, rolled off the counter top and the bowl broke. Wouldn't you know it? The next day I won that football pool and was able to get it fixed without it hurting my already depleted funds. Then I started to stress about Christmas and going to Disneyland with Crusty and how I could afford all of it when I get an email from the family I used to nanny for. They want me to house/dog/babysit for a weekend. I told them that if they covered the cost of my gas that would be awesome and she countered with paying me $250 instead. I don't know who is watching out for my finances because it certainly isn't me but I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

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Coodence said...

You're welcome, bitches!