Just Like BFF

I am thankful:
  • My health has been much better since the tonsils were removed
  • My ability to make the Jetson's car/Wookie sounds has returned
  • My family is close even if sometimes it leads to drama
  • My nephew has taken his first steps
  • My car has only 12 more payments
  • My friends all manage to keep in touch even though they live far away
  • My schooling seems like it's almost over
  • My parents bought me a La-Z-Boy for Christmas
  • My job hands out fat bonuses
  • My finances seem to be in order
  • My lengthy holiday weekend starts in 9 hours

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you can make a list twice as long as mine.
Happy Turkey Day a day early.

1 comment:

Sassy One said...

I too am thankful for so much...but am I allowed to list it since we aren't celebrating Thanksgiving?!?!

Enjoy the La-Z-Boy..they are evil!