Is It Really Monday Part Deux?

My goodness. You would think Bossman had been gone for the last two weeks and that we had a four-day holiday break the way I've been busy! Busy hands are happy hands and being busy "keeps me outta the bars" (thanks, Dad) so I'm not complaining, it just feels odd to not be able to blog first thing in the morning like I used to. Makes me feel a bit upside down frankly.
Today I was able to register for next semester so I'm feeling a metamorphosis coming on. Like emergence from a cocoon, shedding my current class will be oh so nice. I'll be just like a butterfly/student hybrid. Watch out for my giant proboscis. Don't actually know where I'm going with any of this. I guess I was just looking for an excuse to use a big ol' scientific word. Crusty should be proud.
So yeah. School. I'll be taking two classes. My Spanish class (finally! a class pertaining to my major!) will be Monday and Wednesday from 2-4 pm. I'm getting some beef about this but I doubt my work will be affected that much with 4 hours of absence a week. Then it will be back to work for some catch-up and a return to campus from 6-7:15 for a California History and Culture class. Learn a bit about my roots. Or something. I like the idea of this schedule. Leaves lots of time for gym going. Cuz I rejoined. And stuff. Wow... days like this I wonder if it's even worth blogging. What a bore!

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