Sarah Jessica Parker. Paul Reubens. Disney. An 80s movie. What's not to like? If it's been a while since you've seen Flight of the Navigator, it might be time to revisit it. In my opinion, it ranks up there with The Goonies as far as favorite childhood movies. I bought my DVD at Best Buy for a whopping $6.50 and it was money well spent. This is one of those movies that my little brother Cyooorteeees and I used to watch over and over when we were wee chirruns and I was awash in nostalgia when I threw this in. The "special effects" may seem cheesy now but they blew my mind when I was 9 years old, for sure. Anyway I was at a loss for blog fodder and haven't been to the actual theater in some time so this is all I have to offer. Enjoy!


Coodence said...

Excellent, 80s soundtrack, too, from what I remember!

Good call!

hotdrwife said...

OH MY GOD! Seriously, I'd forgotten about that movie until I clicked on the link. Wow ... talk about getting transported back in time!

Lisa..... said...

I love those movies .....and I also tagged you on my blog.