Big Winner

Thanks to my good buddy Maine over at Bacon After Dark I made $33 profit this morning. That's right, 'tis the season of football pools circulating around our office. Since I know nothing about football, this is basically gambling by way of bookie via Gmail chat. He is my "go to" guy for the picks. My grandpa on my mom's side used to play and Lord knows football always seems to be on when he visits or if I'm at a bar so there really is no justification for my lack of knowledge or my ignorance of the game. Personally, I find it to be dreadfully slow but when I voice that opinion it's generally met with "Oh my God! What about baseball?!" And while it may be true that baseball is a lengthy game that is not even remotely fast paced and has little to no action, it doesn't seem to constantly be halted and restarted for whatever reason. What's with all the falling down? What is the appeal? I can't even tell who is who when I watch the monitor. All I know is that my brother bears a strong resemblance to Peyton Manning that fills me with glee each time I see his face.

Frannie's boobs and the boys

Do you see it too? Or are you too distracted by the chichis?


Katy said...

I see Ben Afflek

Sassy One said...


I didn't even notice those ta-tas until you said something!

But ummm...yeah there is a resemblance...and definitely one to Ben Afflek too!

Coodence said...

I don't see it. Your brother looks hella ethnic compared to payton manning, yo.