Weekend Wrap-Up

  • Dodgers beat the Giants on Friday night. Not that it matters since the Dodgers will have no post-season but it sort of does since I hate the Giants.
  • Buzz came and went too quickly but the visit was grrreat!
  • On Saturday HLP and I hit up Cirque du Soleil's Corteo at the Forum in Inglewood. Up to no good. In the 'hood. Gotta be honest, was not really hyped on the idea but WOW. Those are some bendy folks. I'm thinking about dropping down to 90 lbs. and joining. There was a gal that could spin and juggle hoops on both hands and both feet simultaneously. How does one discover that skill? And how does one decide to hone that skill as her craft? Another woman was hanging from a rope attached to the roof of the tent by one ankle, doing splits mid-air, with a grown-ass man hanging from her free ankle doing acrobatics. All in all, pretty amazing, jaw-dropping stuff.
  • Yesterday was E fun day. All day. He's not even one and is capable of wearing ol' auntie out with the quickness. He truly is the sunshine in my life. The love just beams out of him.
  • Did you watch the Rock of Love finale? I. can. not. believe. Jes. won. I mean, Heather had Bret's name TATTOOED on the back of her neck for chrissakes. And Jes? Is 23. Yeah. I see that lasting. VH1 is previewing a new reality TV show called America's Most Smartest Model with Ben Stein to replace ROL in the Sunday at 9 pm time slot. I see myself getting sucked in already.
  • Can y'all effin' bohleave it's October already??? Holy smokes!

Pictures of the weekend to follow.


Sassy One said...

Tell me about it. October already.
Freaks me out in one way, but in another way, I'm totally excited!

hotdrwife said...

We saw Corteo over the summer and it certainly wasn't my favorite of all I've seen.


april said...

I'm glad that Jes won. Heather looks like a drag queen and seemed like she'd be a big raving bitch. Plus I think Jes is just smokin' fuckin' hot.