Scary Movie Monday

I don't know what it is but Eli has a knack for picking some of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. This one ranks right up there with Blue Velvet for me. Ick. It's Wes Craven circa 1972 so you know it's going to be gritty. When I think "horror" though, I try to think of supernatural things like hauntings or a masked serial killer going to town on a group of summer camp counselors. Things that are almost make believe. Unfortunately, The Last House On The Left was super realistic, mildly terrifying and made my stomach turn. Brief summary: Two bra-less teenage girls are going to the big city for a concert and are trying to score some "decent grass." They end up getting abducted by some escaped convicts, tortured, raped and murdered in the woods. Very realistic until the end which I won't give away here. Things just sort of go crazy. Chainsaws are involved... Weird.
My second viewing was BFF recommended and Eli approved. The Watcher In The Woods is more of a family fare horror flick so you won't find any rape and torture here. It's Disney circa 1980 so it was a nice follow up to the sickness we'd just seen. While Bette Davis is always creepy (Hello, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane), I was more creeped out by the little girl who called her dog Nerak. For those of you not in the know, that's Karen (the missing girl) spelled backwards. Yeah. This is almost sci-fi by the time the ending clears things up. The best part about it? I had to rent this bad boy on VHS. Dude. I don't even have a VCR. I can see how this movie would scare a twelve year old and make someone super scared of reflections but after witnessing the fucked up shit I just did, it was a cakewalk.
Session 9 I had never heard of prior to a web-based list of the 50 scariest movies of all time. I can sort of see why as it doesn't really have any major stars in it but this was a great psychological thriller. A sort of "whodunnit" that keeps you wondering which of these haz-mat workers cleaning up an old, abandoned mental institution has lost his damn mind. I can sort of relate to the creepy feel of the set because I attend college in a former state hospital and just being on campus in the dark is enough to spook me. As in the prior two movies, it too is set in the woods so you get that that feeling of terror that only comes with isolation.
And for our grand finale after a marathon weekend of scary movie viewing, we chose C. Thomas Howell's The Hitcher. This is another suspenseful and somewhat realistic scenario and it also teaches us very valuable lessons:
  • Don't pick up hitchhikers
  • Don't go on long distance drives alone
  • Don't talk to strangers

Holy moly. Who knew that there were such psychos in the world. This hitchhiker was hell-bent on killing Soul Man. They just don't make horror movies like they did in the 70s and 80s. I would pick any of these psychological thrillers over gore-porn any day. There's nothing like the feeling of squirming in your seats. I would recommend any of the above for a good scare... Halloween is only 2 days away...

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Rhys said...

Awesome post, Randi babe! Darn, Iwould've warned you in advance about Last House if only I'd known. Triple ick!

I've seen them all and your reviews are great. :) Got your Halloween costume ready?