No, Not Ketamine

Today is day 1 of a 14-day Special K Challenge. Apparently, by the end of this 2-week period, it is rumored that I will go down a jean size and/or approximately 5 pounds. Awesome. So here goes:

Bowl of Special K (any variety) with 2/3 cup skim milk and fruit (or I think it was a Special K frozen waffle if you aren't feeling cereal. I have no waffles.)
Another serving of cereal or a Special K Protein Meal Bar with fruit
Eat dinner per usual (unless you're me and think "usual dinner" is an entire medium pizza)

Fruits and veggies for snacks
Beverages per usual (though I assume this does not include beer)

2 additional daily snacks allowed:
Special K Protein Snack Bar
Special K2O Protein Water
Special K Cereal Bars
Special K Snack bites

Yeah... by the time I got out of the market with enough food (hopefully) to last the 2 weeks I had dropped a cool $70. For cereal. Hardly seems right. In addition to this crash diet, I will also be walking for at least 45 minutes in the evening and attempting to do the Crunch Super Slimdown Pilates Yoga Blend DVD a few times a week in the mornings. That is quite possibly the most intense 40 minutes I've ever had on my living room floor... I mean, except for that one time...

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Itchy said...

Um...not that I think I'm fabulous or anything but....well....based on certain comments 'round the flickr and other areas of my life I am rather fabulous at the moment. Oh yeah. I said it. So, given that I'll tell you this - I eat Special K cereal for breakfast and a Special K protein bar for lunch and then dinner as usual. True story!