Hard Out Here For A Pimp

Boy am I behind in my movie viewing. I can't seem to even recall the last time I went to the theater, frankly. Anyhoo, the other day I was over at HLP's, admiring her DVD collection and was sort of shocked to see that she owned Hustle & Flow. Some of you might be wondering where the shock factor comes in as H&F was a highly regarded film and the proud Oscar winner for Best Original Song. Or should I say rap? And HLP? Well, she's not so much a fan of rap. She's more of what we used to call a "hesher" - all heavy metal, long hair and headbanging. And considering this movie features rap star Ludacris and a heavy rap soundtrack, well, it seemed like an odd match. Terence Howard has the most beautiful mocha skin and green eyes I have ever seen but his accent was a bit distracting. I couldn't make up my mind if his "ho," played by Taryn Manning, was a retard or not... And DJ Qualls? Well since seeing him in such fare as Road Trip and The New Guy, I was impressed to see him handle the role of a church organist turned DJ so well. It's a bit silly how quickly and easily this former pimp's recording career takes off but it was entertaining nonetheless. If you're a fan of freestyle rap and some hot beats, I think you'll enjoy this one.